Leave a Lasting Impression with OPS' Nail Salon Renovation

Keep Clients Coming Back with Luxurious Spaces that Create Unforgettable Salon Experiences

A wellness place, such as, a nail or hair salon is a go-to destination for relaxation and self-care.

Its value will be judged the moment new customers walk in. Thus, looking the part, from an inviting reception area to a comfortable and relaxing environment, is a must.

Imagine a space that not only entices your clientele but also optimizes your team’s work spaces. A setting that fuses aesthetics with functionality, beauty with comfort.

That’s what OPS delivers, breathing new life into your establishment, transforming your beauty salon into a stunning retreat.

Step into the future of your business with a salon that’s not just beautiful, but also a beacon of your brand’s values.

Ready to create an enchanting oasis your clients and staff will love?

Why Choose One Pit Stop for Your Salon Renovation

Seamless renovation services that works on your schedule

We meticulously plan each beauty salon renovation project to ensure you can return to business as usual without a hitch.

Diverse industry background

With years of unparalleled expertise across beauty salons, we collaborate closely with you to create results that fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Contractor and designer expertise

At OPS, we have the distinct advantage of being both a designer and a contractor, allowing us to expertly balance the cost, design, and practicality of your salon renovations.

Personalised approach

Whether you need to revamp the existing furniture or do a little work on some decor, you can trust us to undertake your beauty or hair salon renovation with your specific needs, preferences, and budgetary constraints in mind.

We mean it: only One Pit Stop

Like our name, One Pit Stop offers end-to-end salon renovation service for your convenience.

From creating initial design concepts to the actual setup, you can trust that every detail works to portray your salon business in the best light(ing).

Simply let us know your needs, and we'll handle the rest!

Our Salon Renovation Services

Customised Station Design and Installation

We offer customized station design and seamless installation services to create functional and visually appealing workspaces tailored to your salon’s unique needs.

customized station design

Reception Area Design and Installation

We transform your reception area into a captivating space that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

From interior styling that exudes your brand to setting up ambience lighting, we ensure that every detail contributes to an inviting atmosphere.

lighting setup for styling stations

Salon facility enhancements

We improve the foundational aspects of your salon space to ensure a well-equipped and comfortable environment for both clients and salon professionals. These enhancements include:

  • Plumbing for sinks and handwashing stations
  • Electrical works for lighting and salon equipment
  • Ventilation and air circulation improvements

plumbing works

Storage and Display Solutions

We offer storage and display solutions designed specifically for beauty products, keeping them organized and easily accessible while enhancing the overall salon decor.

nail display

One Pit Stop for All Your Salon Renovation Needs

What you get when you choose OPS:

  • Hassle-free completion and timely delivery of your renovated beauty salon
  • Valuable insights and innovative solutions for your salon renovation project
  • Cut out the middle man and save money and time with our turnkey salon renovation services
  • Highly skilled contractors and designers with unparalleled industry experience for a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics