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Say Goodbye to Soundproofing Problems and Create Peaceful Spaces with Our Comprehensive Range of Acoustic Solutions

Imagine a home where your blissful sleep isn’t disturbed by noisy neighbours, a recording studio free of distracting sounds, or an office space where street noise doesn’t hamper productivity.

Sound like a dream? We’re here to make it a reality.

Our expert team leverages state-of-the-art soundproofing products and innovative soundproofing techniques to offer noise reduction and acoustic solutions customised to your needs.

We turn noisy chaos into serene silence, ensuring your space is always a haven of calm and focus.

Ready to step into your soundproof sanctuary? Embrace tranquillity with the expertise of our trusty soundproofing experts today!

Expect Effortless Transformations

Why Choose One Pit Stop for Your Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing services that work on your schedule

We're committed to delivering tranquillity right when you need it. Our well-honed processes and dedicated team ensure your soundproofing project is always completed on schedule.

Diverse industry background

Our expertise is rooted in our extensive experience across a diverse range of projects, allowing us to tailor soundproofing solutions that meet the unique needs of every client.

Contractor and designer expertise

At OPS, we have the distinct advantage of being both a designer and a contractor, allowing us to expertly balance the cost, design, and practicality of your sound proofing needs.

Personalised approach

From double-glazed glass for soundproof windows and sliding doors to custom soundproofing materials, we will craft the best solution for your needs, preferences, and budget.

We mean it: only One Pit Stop

Like our name, One Pit Stop offers end-to-end noise control and sound insulation solutions.

From choosing the right soundproof window or acoustic foam to planning out acoustic isolation strategies, you can count on us to handle every aspect of your soundproofing work.

Simply let us know your needs, and we'll handle the rest!

Our Soundproofing Services

Soundproofing Material Installation

We reduce noise levels and enhance soundproofing within a space by strategically placing soundproof materials that effectively block and absorb sound waves.

insulation installation

Installation of Acoustic Panels and Barriers

Soundproof windows, doors, walls, and ceilings to minimise unwanted noise transfer from one area to another.

soundproofing windows

Soundproofing Floor Underlay

Reduce impact noise (such as footsteps or dropped objects) with specially designed floor underlay. Particularly useful in multi-story buildings!

achieve quiet

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Treatment

Optimise sound quality and acoustics in recording studios, theatres, or music rooms by reducing echo and background noise within the space with materials like foam panels, diffusers, bass traps, etc.

acoustic treatment for recording studios

Vibration Isolation Solutions

This technique prevents structures from vibrating caused by loud, sustained noises, often used in industrial settings or for home needs like HVAC systems or home theatre installations.

vibration isolation solutions

One Pit Stop for All Your Soundproofing Needs

What you get when you pick OPS:

  • Hassle-free completion and timely delivery of your soundproofed spaces
  • Valuable insights and innovative solutions for your soundproofing project
  • One-stop-shop soundproofing services, from the planning process to the installation and more
  • Highly skilled contractors and designers with unparalleled industry experience for a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics

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